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The TheatreROCS Board of Directors
•President — Donald Bartalo, hummingbird theatre co.
•Vice-President — Katelyn Machnica, Bristol Valley Theater
•Secretary — Chris McCormack, Blackfriars Theatre
•Treasurer — Jim Vollertsen, RAPA (Rochester Association of Performing Arts)

•Baal Bhagat, Kalidas (Indo-American Community Theatre Group of Rochester)
•Karin Bowersock, Bristol Valley Theater
•Marc Cataldi, Webster Theatre Guild
•Connie Kittle Neer, CenterStage at the JCC
•Gary Dewitt Marshall, Dark Blue Mondaze
•Nan Hanna-Paquin, Gatesinger Company
•Lara Rhyner, Geva Theatre Center
•Jack Simel, Hourglass Play Reading Series
•Donald Bartalo, hummingbird theatre co.
•Mike Krickmire, Rochester Community Players
•Stephanie Siuda, Out of Pocket, Inc.
•Annette Ramos, Rochester Latino Theatre Company
•Richard Kendrick, Penfield Players
•Ann Marie Sanders, Downstairs Cabaret Theatre
•Freyda Schneider, TYKEs (Theatre Young Kids Enjoy)
•Heather Stevenson, PUSH Physical Theatre
•Karin Tuccio, Screen Plays - Hollywood's Golden Age On Stage
•Karen Dieruf, The Open Road Theatre
•Kerry Young, Unleashed! Improv
•Judy Zanin, Studio Z


Blackfriars Theatre     

There’s even MORE great theatre in Rochester...

MuCCCThe Mystery Company
OFC CreationsSecond Time Around Players
Spotlight Arts
First Niagara Rochester Fringe Festival
Spice of Life Productions