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hummingbird theatre co.

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The hummingbird theatre co. is an independent theatre company that favors new and lesser known stage plays for actors of all ages, abilities, genders, and backgrounds. Founded by producer, director, actor, Donald Brian Bartalo, in 2016, the hummingbird theatre co. strives to present engaging thought-provoking theatre that will help audience members “hover in the moment.”


June 26, 2019 through Sunday, June 30, the hummingbird theatre co. will present the regional premiere of DEFAMATION by Todd Logan. All shows at 7:30 pm except two o'clock Sunday matinee.

Why would a lawyer steal a precious watch from her most important client? Or maybe she didn't steal it. You'll witness a live civil court case to determine whether or not the prosecution can prove defamation.

June 26-30 @ MuCCC. Starring: Scott Adams, Peter Doyle, Kat Trina Davis, Valencia Metcalf, Fred Nuernberg, & Adryanna Elmendorf

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June 26 - 30


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“A professional black female business owner is invited to the home of a successful Jewish man for a potential business project. After the meeting, he realizes that his family heirloom watch is gone. Thereby hinges the story of Defamation, wherein this very dilemma leads to a riveting courtroom encounter that illuminates our common perceptions about race, religion and class. In this case, the plaintiff is Ms. Wade, a professional black woman from the South Side of Chicago. The defendant is Mr. Golden, a successful North Shore businessman who is Jewish. The play opens with Judge Adrian Barnes laying out the case as well as the stakes involved. Following testimony from each side plus a key witness, the judge tells the audience he’s not going to adjudicate the case; the audience will be the jury.” Synopsis (taken from Dramatist Publishing, 2018)